OEM/ODM Services

Xuecon offers build-to-order OEM/ODM services at competitive pricing. As a dedicated display product solutions company, Xuecon offers each client the service of a comprehensive professional design team and a well established factory production capability. Xuecon is experienced in manufacturing high-quality open-frames and industrial-monitors that not only meets the specific product requirement of each client but also keeps minimum order quantity (MOQ) and price at a competitive level. As our client, you have an unmatched service and a capable manufacturing facility of Xuecon at your disposal.

Dependable Open Frame/Industrial Monitor Technology Development:

Xuecon design team and factory are ready to custom fit any open frames and industrial monitors to customer specifications.

Dedicated Design Team:

Include Mechanical Design, Software Development, and Electronic Engineering.

Cost Optimization

Resourceful Procurement:

Our procurement process is geared toward driving down the cost of OEM / ODM projects

Value Added Operations:

Provide various value-ads: designing, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Touch Solution

Include various touch screen types, such as resistive, capacitive, IR, and SAW.